15 Days to a Confident You Even in the Face of Adversity Online Course

Would you like to break free from the fears that hold you back?

  If 87% of what you hear is negative and 95% of what you do is governed by your subconscious programming, how do you break free of the fears that bind you to the same negative patterns, longing to be successful and getting nowhere? Use this FREE worksheet to identify negative core beliefs and start shifting them into positive information you can use to create a life free of fear and full of success. The Confidence Builder Worksheet is part of your discovery process to create the life you want to live. Our 15 Days to a Confident You Even in the Face of Adversity will help you understand the various areas that sabotage you from achieving success in work, love, personal goals, health and wealth. This program is for YOU if you have tried and failed to achieve your best life and feel that every time you’ve progressed, something crops up that sends you backwards all over again. If you have done this once or many times, this program will help you kick start the transformation you’ve been waiting for in your life! I’m going to take you through a series of thought provoking, self reflective exercises to help you position yourself for the success you want to see now and in the future. This layered approach is designed to tackle both the conscious and subconscious to propel you forward quicker and easier than you have ever imagined so that you never have to worry if you are “good enough” ever again. You will know it and show it and others will ask you what your secret is!

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    A 15 day intensive online program based on Nicole “Majik” Lahousse’s Alchemy of Transformation™ to bring the 5 foundational life pillars into balance and transform your obstacles into opportunities and attain the success you deserve!



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