Meet Nicole Lahousse

My name is Nicole Majik Lahousse and I am a transformational empowerment specialist.  With my diverse background in Biology/Chemistry, Metaphysics and Finance, I have many skillsets that can be applied in a multitude of areas and circumstances.  I work with leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives who feel stuck in one or more area of life —those who feel discouraged yet know that there is more in this world for them than their current situation has to offer. 


Through my empowerment programs, I specialize in helping you overcome the fears and negative patterns that hold you back, creating complete harmony by bringing into alignment the five foundational life  pillars so you can live the life you deserve without compromising who you are or what you love.


Having experienced a complete tsunami in all areas of my life at once, on the verge of death, I discovered a strategy to turn my life from disaster into one which I thrive and love.


Using the strategic formulas of my empowerment program, The Alchemy of Transformation ™, I help you transform your obstacles into the opportunities to achieve the success you desire and deserve!


Email Nicole today at for more information.