Turn $4 into $150 of Laundry Detergent

I love making my own natural products. I have for many years (close to 20 years) and they are always loved by my family, friends, clients and customers. It can save a lot of money so you can put the savings towards something that really matters to you. Two days ago, I was having fun making a batch of laundry detergent and I snapped a pic and posted it on Facebook. I had no idea my friends would go bonkers for a bucket with some suds on top! Very quickly I had inquiry after inquiry about my recipe and requests (and some demands!) to share, share share. So for the second step after letting the solution set for 24 hours, I decided to go live and share the recipe and show what the gel looks like and how to break it up and make the detergent ready for use. Well, in about 15 hours the video had reached over 1200 people and had 739 views! OH MY! This post is in response to the requests on the live video to please post the recipe somewhere for quick reference…You asked, so shall you receive:

Regain Your Power

How to regain your power when you feel lost:

I want to start off by reminding you of something. You have an unlimited source of power within you. Every one of us does. It has always been there, and you have felt it many times. You can tap into it at any moment.

You have overcome obstacles that once seemed impossible to even imagine. Life has knocked you down probably more times thank you can count. But you know what? You are still here with us. You are stronger and wiser because of those experiences. You are given exactly what you need at every moment. You can handle any difficulty that comes to you.

Lets talk about ways to get back on your feet, and take your power back.

o Be patient with yourself. Every single ones of us goes through moments where were feel down or insecure. Don’t hold onto any guilt or embarrassment, those feeling do not serve you. Treat yourself the way you would treat your dearest friend going through the same situation. Have compassion for yourself.
o Truly feel your feelings. Do not ignore them or try to numb them. Acknowledge all of them, then choose to move past them. Strength and power are available to you, learn how to harness that. Any uncomfortable situation will force you to become stronger than ever before. Be thankful for any feelings that force you to grow.
o Know that there is a lesson here. With every fall there is a bigger picture. This is always very hard to see at first, butpay close attention. Did you create this situation? Were your thoughts leading you to this? You may notice the same situations arising over and over again. This is because you are not seeing the lesson here. The universe will keep putting it in your path until you overcome it and grow. Face this now and you will feel your power return.
o Force yourself to see the good in this situation. A lost job or relationship is hard to swallow, but it means you now have more time to focus on yourself and your true passions. Losing a loved one means that person can truly rest now without pain. There is good in every situation that once seemed hopeless.
o Now I want you to think of a time where you felt invincible. I know you have had those moments. Maybe you took control of an emergency situation perfectly. Maybe you gave birth to a child. Maybe you got a promotion at work. What made you feel that way? Truly remember those feelings. Know what the power inside of you feels like. You have so much more of that available to you.
o Find your calm. Take time for yourself to clear your head. This may mean taking a walk outside. Taking a long bath. Cooking a nourishing meal. Going for a massage. Do something you love for yourself, and do it alone.

Like everything in life this will pass. Do not beat yourself up or place blame. Know that you are perfect the way you are. Every flaw and insecurity is beautiful in its own way. Each of us is put exactly where we need to be to allow us to grow. The difficult moments build us up even higher after they knock us down. You are strong, and you are worthy of happiness.




written by Amanda Sexton of www.marketingmagnolia.com

Do Not Succumb to Obligation

I saw a picture the other day saying “Do it from the heart or not at all”. It reminded me about the vow I made to myself that started my transformational journey of living my life–fearlessly. This quote carries the same message as one of the top rules that I now teach people about. It seems so simple, but can be one of the most difficult habits to break–saying yes. Sometimes we say yes because we don’t want to let someone else down. Sometimes it is because we don’t want them to think poorly of us and sometimes we don’t want retaliation. Why do we feel we “owe” someone something and have to put our own lives on the back burner? We feel OBLIGATED. My rule is this: If you feel obligated to do anything, always say no. (Or as the saying in this picture: Do it from the heart or not at all). Why? Because the feeling of obligation is a fear based emotional response…and acting out of fear only propagates negative energy. This is why we end up procrastinating, feeling drained, losing motivation and a whole bunch of other negative energies that we have to battle with each and every day until that obligation is filled. Is this how we want to live our lives? NO! So why do we do it?! We do it because we don’t know how to break through. This is one of my interwoven missions…to help people equip themselves with easy to remember, easy to do TOOLS for tapping into your personal power and living your life fearlessly. Survival is only meant to be a temporary state in which you get through a difficult time…LIVING is meant to be experienced by the individual on a personal level. It’s time to stop surviving and start living life!

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life”

Wayne Dyer