Turn $4 into $150 of Laundry Detergent

I love making my own natural products. I have for many years (close to 20 years) and they are always loved by my family, friends, clients and customers. It can save a lot of money so you can put the savings towards something that really matters to you. Two days ago, I was having fun making a batch of laundry detergent and I snapped a pic and posted it on Facebook. I had no idea my friends would go bonkers for a bucket with some suds on top! Very quickly I had inquiry after inquiry about my recipe and requests (and some demands!) to share, share share. So for the second step after letting the solution set for 24 hours, I decided to go live and share the recipe and show what the gel looks like and how to break it up and make the detergent ready for use. Well, in about 15 hours the video had reached over 1200 people and had 739 views! OH MY! This post is in response to the requests on the live video to please post the recipe somewhere for quick reference…You asked, so shall you receive: