2017 Events


Aura Photography/Readings

September 17, 2017
Open House at Zuzu’s Healing Arts, Melrose, MA  12:00-5:00pm

Aura Photography/Readings

September 23, 2017
Collective Souls in Acushnet, MA 10:00 AM – 3:00pm


Tarot Readings

October 7, 2017
Collective Souls in Acushnet, MA 10:00 AM – 3:00PM

Angels & Demons: Personal Experiences in the Paranormal

Friday, October 13, 2017 Join us for a very special paranormal evening on an auspicious night! As we begin, you will learn about the significance of this particular date in time and then proceed to discuss a wide variety of paranormal occurrences that were experienced first-hand and told in detail. A Q&A session will follow the talk, so bring your curiosity and perhaps have a chance to share a story of your own… Some of the experiences that we will cover include a very special experience in Medjugorje, Bosnia in 1993, a strange Near Death Experience on the Massachusetts Turnpike, mediumship experiences at haunted locations, Earth angels, shadow people, fairies and elementals. Participants will have special access to discounted pricing at Majik, LLC’s product table and concessions will be available for purchase throughout the event. Hosted by Great Stories, Inc. and Majik, LLC at Solomon’s Temple Lodge, Uxbridge, MA 7:00-9:00pm

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice with a Side of Hocus Pocus!

Saturday, October 14
Spirit Medium Readings with Tiffany Rice *Exclusive for this event*

Tiffany connects with loved ones in spirit. Friends, Family and pets can come through offering validation and messages during your connection with spirit.

Angel Readings with Darryl James

Darryl helps you receive guidance and learned lessons with intuition from your Guardian Angels using an Angel deck.

Tarot Readings with Charlie Snow

Charlie helps you discover ways to look into the reasons behind the things you do with the ancient wisdom of the tarot deck.

Reiki Healing with Jeanette Garcia

Jeanette is a Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki meaning “energy life force” helps provide deep relaxation and healing using universal energy. She also provides the healing using her crystals as well.

Aura Photography & Intuitive Reading with Nicole Lahousse

Nicole takes a snapshot of your Aura and energy using her specialized Aura camera. Her intuitive reading on your personalized photograph provides self awareness to your current situation.

Pre-Register at info@tiffanyrice.com to secure your time slot.

All are welcome!

200 Elm Street, Bridgewater, MA 02324 10 AM – 5 PM

Personal Empowerment Program, Class 1:  Positioning Yourself for Success

October 1, 2017  11:00am – 1:30pm
In this first class you will be equipped with the basic tools to start your journey.  You will become aware of and understand the layers of physical, mental and energetic positioning that will be the initial kickstarter to propel you forward.  Understanding and recognizing the conscious and subconscious actions of yourself and others by recognition of subtle energies and body language will help you adapt and conquer the fears that tend to inhibit you.  Through awareness of how the mental and emotional bodies, the will and the soul all correlate, you will gain the insight that you need to bring your entire life into perfect balance. You will learn how to awaken your true potential and initiate the power of miracles in your life right away.   Where:  200 Elm St. Bridgewater, MA

Personal Empowerment Program, Class 2:  Mindset for Success

October 15, 2017  2:00 – 4:30pm In class 2 we will work on the “Mindset for Success” – This may very well be the most important bundle of information you will ever receive. Understanding the forces that hold you back and learning exactly how to overcome them will be taught in a very specific sequence to ensure that you assimilate the information so you can flip the switch to achieve success. We will talk about duality, reality and the psyche in a way that you may not have ever explored before, but will be sure to walk away with the weapon of mass destruction for your fears, inhibitions and negative patterns. You will be equipped to finally take control over your thoughts, beliefs, patterns and bring yourself into a state of balance that you thought unachievable. Success starts with the mind and with the knowledge and techniques introduced in this class, you will hold the key to to distiguish between perceptions and projections, eradicate debilitating patterns, access the power of your subconscious, let go of limitations and take hold of your life!   Where:  200 Elm St. Bridgewater, MA

Aura Photography/Readings and product booth

October 22, 2017
ZuZu’s Healing Arts Expo

Aura Photography

October 28, 2017
Psychic Faire Details TBD


Tarot Readings

November 4, 2017 
Collective Souls in Acushnet, MA 10:00 AM – 3:00pm

Personal Empowerment Program, Class 3  Successful Relationships

November 5, 2017  11:00am – 1:30pm
This class delves into the depths of relationships on all levels; consciously, subconsciously, metaphysically, emotionally, physically and scientifically. Discover things that you never realized before and tap into the secrets of how to make and build relationships that bring happiness to your life!   Where:  200 Elm St. Bridgewater, MA

Tarot Readings

November 11, 2017 
Collective Souls in Acushnet, MA 10:00 AM – 3:00pm


Personal Empowerment Program, Class 4 Abundance and Prosperity Success

December 10, 2017  11:00am – 1:30pm While we all strive for the best in our lives, sometimes life hands us curveballs that seem to derail our path to success when it comes to money and all things that make us happy. Learn how to see the truth in the circumstances that happen and learn how to turn the tables to create more abundance, happiness and create more wealth in your life. This class is not just about attracting money luck, but about creating WEALTH and maintaining a lifestyle of abundance and prosperity. Ditch the quick fixes and short flares of just attracting abundance and prosperity as a bandaid to a situation and create an everlasting foundation to build your legacy. Where: 200 Elm St. Bridgewater, MA

2018 Events


Personal Empowerment Program, Class 5- YOU: A Health Savvy Success!

January 7, 2017  11:00am – 1:30pm
In this final class all the pieces come together to give you the wholeness you’ve been seeking. Once you have discovered and worked on all the other areas, you are ready to put the finishing touches on the most important element in your life…your health. We will enter a zone of awakening in this class that will help you become a health savvy success. Tap into your total energy and learn how to take care of the body that serves as your soul’s temple. The remaining information shared will help sustain you and keep you on top, including your body and health. It will help you see the value in everything you do and are part of. Through the realizations and shifts that you have created throughout the program, you are finally ready to let the anxiously awaiting world know that you are ready for them as they have been waiting for the true, successful YOU to emerge!
Where: 200 Elm St. Bridgewater, MA