★ Aura Photography 

Everything in existence has an aura.  It is our energetic fingerprint that emanates from our being. Issues present themselves within the auric energy field before they manifest in the physical body, therefore rendering the aura photo very insightful pertaining to one’s physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual states.

It is a fun and exciting way to look deeper into your true nature. Sometimes we can lose track of who we really are. The aura photograph can reconnect us with our inner self and guide us in the right direction for what is coming in the future.

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★ Private in home party
★ Store Appearance
★ Fair/Expo
★ Fundraiser/Corporate Event

The Alchemy of Transformation 

★ A Strategic Formula for Your Success

When you have the right set of tools to completely change your life, enjoyably and with ease, you feel empowered and in command of your life because you ARE!  Now offering our 5 class series, we delve deeply into the 5 pillars of success so you are able to harness your true power through proven methods of creating stunning success in the areas of personal positioning, mindset, abundance, relationships and health! This is a strategic compilation of over two decades of personal experience as well as guiding others through life mentoring over 10 years. The knowledge gathered through these various avenues has become a priceless method of obtaining awareness and ability to change your situation at any given moment. For more information on classes and events scheduled pertaining to the information available within this program, see our Events section.

★ Workshops 

Nicole offers a variety of workshops for personal and spiritual development.  For the full list of workshops currently offered and their descriptions click here

★ Meditations 

Nicole’s unique meditations are designed to be extremely effective to bring healing, balance, peace of mind, and tranquility to the soul.  Multilayered, they bring a shift into positive mindset, physical/mental/spiritual healing and a sense of purpose for the soul.  For the full list of meditations currently offered and their descriptions click here

★ Reiki/Energy Healing 

Align your mind, body and soul with one of our healing sessions. 30 and 60 minute sessions available. Contact us to set up your appointment.