Positioning Yourself for Success

“Had a wonderful time. Made me think. Exactly what I needed. Thank you!”


“Great Job! Lots of information!”


“Excellent Class! Great information and very easy to understand. Thank you!”


“A nice way of beginning to understand how we could begin to make some shifts in making positive changes.”


“This class helped me to see the little things I can do to help me manifest what I want.”


“This class helps you empower yourself in ways that are attainable for any person. Opens your heart and mind.”


“You cannot help but feel empowered after you have sat through this workshop. Truly eye opening!”


Mindset for Success

“Mindset for success was a great class. I enjoy being able to take away ideas to work on. I especially liked learning about Mudras.”


“Wow! So much to take in, absolutely wonderful. This left me with a lot to think about and eager to learn more about myself.”


“Eye opening and informative class. This will help me in ways that are well needed for growth of myself and hopefully of others.”


“This has helped me to take a step back and secure pieces of my life that have begun to unravel.”


“A very interesting class that helped me understand my own perception, awareness and consciousness.”


“Informational and empowering.”


“The class opened me up to thinking about a lot of things in a different way.”


“Excellent class! Tools were given on how to change behaviors that were very easy to understand.”


Facebook Reviews

“I went to the Spoonbending Workshop and had a terrific experience. Nicole is a fantastic teacher. I am so glad I went and experienced the miracle of bending steel effortlessly myself!”

Rebecca Smith

“I went to the Pineal Activation Workshop yesterday. What an amazing experience I had. This is not my first workshop I have attended with Nicole as the presenter, and it will not be my last. She explains everything in a very “simple” way, when it is a subject that is not easy to explain. Very comfortable, and is open to all questions. I always walk away feeling enlightened, and in a better place than when I walked in. Thank you Nicole, for the great workshop and giving us so many tools to practice at home. I will be seeing you soon.”

Jenna Poisson Lamoureux

“Awesome shop. Nicole has embarked upon a mystical adventure bringing this wonderful metaphysical shop with its beautiful crystals and healing products to our community.

But above and beyond that, Nicole is quite an incredibly knowledgable and evolved healer, so ready, willing and able to impart her truly spiritual presence of love and light in the process of healing mentally, emotionally, and physically, one person at a time!

My two healing sessions with Nicole Magik were absolutely transcending on all levels.

I am truly grateful for her presence in my life.”

Natalia DeRezendes

“I’m getting enlighten by the wonderful treasures, classes and connections. My favorite class so far has been the holistic tarot class. I learned so much in a short time. Well worth the cost. Christine was so knowledgeable and willing to share her talents. Rising lotus is a real gem in Woonsocket I’m so glad your here.”

Linda Provost Perreault

“The products that Nicole sells are amazing!!! I have been using them in my tattoo shop now and people love it. her shop is also amazing the crystal skulls are beautiful!!! Please check them out if your nearby.”

John Brightman

“I love Nicole! Her knowledge and presence amazes me! I bought a quartz carved owl that I carry with me from her store. It’s a daily reminder of how lucky I am to have a connection to like minded people like her! She has opened my eyes to her array of beautiful crystal skulls. That is next on my list!”

Tiffany Rice

“I have been to many so-called “white light” shops in my time, but none of them can compare to Rising Lotus. The shop’s owner, Nicole Lahousse, has a wealth of knowledge for all things metaphysical as well as a strong understanding of chemistry, health and well-being. This shop is the real deal and a fun place to visit!”

Andrew Lake

“I can not only attest to the love and passion shown towards all that is from her, but she went above and beyond anything I could have wished for when she helped me…”

Michael Dreyling