★ Workshops ★

★ The Alchemy of Transformation:  A Strategic Formula for Your Success 

 Personal Empowerment Program and the 5 Pillars of Success:

Learn what the 5 Pillars of Success are and how to bring them all in to balance in the proper sequence, specifically for what YOU need in your life RIGHT NOW!  Learn how to unleash your true potential to obtain everything you want out of life with easy to incorporate exercises, techniques that work instantaneously, and create the reality that you have been striving for.  There is no ONE THING that makes it happen, but a series of things that must come into proper balance to create your dream life.  Nicole’s signature process has proven time and time again the alchemical formula for total transformation and total success!

Learn how to bring balance to the 5 Pillar Areas:

★ Positioning

★ Mindset

★ Relationships

★ Prosperity & Abundance

★ Health & Wellness

★ Third Eye Activation:  Awakening Your Intuitive Power Workshop 

Have you always wanted to develop your 6th sense? Have you always wondered what it would be like to have visions, see angels, guides and tap into events of the future? Want to learn quick and easy techniques that really work and stimulate your third eye? Look no further…this class is just what you’ve been waiting for! Some of the things you will learn in this workshop: 

 What is the pineal gland, it’s role and function in the body and it’s connection to seeing through to other dimensions. 

 What to avoid to keep a healthy pineal as well as how to start reversing the age and calcification that has been accumulating throughout your life. 

 How to balance the chakras in preparation for pineal activation (awakening your third eye and psychic senses). 

 Experience sound activation for pineal gland stimulation  

 Multiple techniques to increase third eye stimulation and activation of your psychic senses so you can find one (or several) that work well for you. 

 How to access new levels of heightened awareness!

Workshop length:  3 hours

★ Forkbending 

Have you ever wondered how some people can bend spoons, forks and other material objects? Would you like to learn how to do it and amaze yourself and your family and friends? Join us for a workshop and let us teach you how!Learn amazingly simple techniques that alter physical reality and allow you to easily bend that which was immovable before application of the techniques shown in this class! Forkbending is more than just a “stunt”. It is about learning techniques that allow you to access the quantum field and energetically alter physical material substance. This shows how energy work can directly affect physical substance….the techniques used can be greatly effective in healing. Some have been used to move bones instantaneously into proper alignment! Several techniques will be presented and taught so each individual has the opportunity to connect with one or more techniques to resonate with and bend physical matter using energy.  I maintain a 100% success rate for all of my students.

Workshop length:  3 hours

★ Prefer to learn at your own pace in the privacy of your own home?  Purchase the Fork This, Bend That! instructional video here.

★ Meditations ★

★ Crystal Cave Meditation for Balance and Transformation 

Escape the stresses of this world and embark on a journey through a wondrous crystal cave found in a secret place deep within you… A magical excursion that will bring balance, peace, clarity and healing at the core level.  Each chakra will be brought into balance and alignment with your true purpose.  Positive affirmations will be integrated to assist in your healing and in turn help you to discover a new outlook on your current life path.  Come along on this voyage and emerge with a new sense of clarity and focus on your life as you awaken the nature of your true self and divine purpose.

Meditation Length:  1 hour

★ Kuan Yin Meditation for Purification, Transmutation and Relief of Pain and Suffering 

Kuan Yin is the goddess of healing and compassion.  She is a bodhisattva, a being who has attained the enlightenment of a Buddha, yet refrains from entering Nirvana (final liberation) in order to come to the aid of others.  She is known as the protector of children and the goddess who “hears the cries of the world”.  Her roots are in India and China and she has 33 depictions.  Some of the more prominent are Kuan Yin with a vase of water, a lotus or a dragon.  During this guided meditation, you will meet Kuan Yin and she will wash away the burdens that trouble you and touch your heart.  She will transmute that which brings you pain, worry or suffering and leaving you purified and filled with joy, love and compassion.  All of her 33 depictions will be honored during this meditation.

Meditation Length:  1 hour

★ Abundance Meditation and Attunement 

Are you looking to take your life to the next level, where happiness overwhelms you instead of the stresses of the mundane world?   Your thought patterns are the key to true manifestation. How you feel, process and focus on given situations in your life is the driving force to what you are attracting and allowing into your life right NOW. Would you like to shift those areas of attracting “sub-par” situations into manifesting your heart’s desires? By participating in this unique class, you will not only be taken through a guided meditation, but you will also receive an attunement to Abundance Frequencies that will align you with the positive flow of the Universe. You will learn simple, yet very powerful manifestation techniques so you can Awaken Your True Potential!

★ Release negative patterns and beliefs that inhibit you from realizing & utilizing your full manifestation abilities.

★ Experience deep cellular transformation to shift the frequency/vibration of body and mind, allowing effortless magnetization of true abundance.

★ Learn simple and potent techniques which empower you to manifest that which you desire quickly, sometimes instantaneously, and in a natural way.

Meditation Length:  1 hour

★ Intro to Astral Psychokinesis with Astral Induction 

Change Your World Through Awakened Consciousness Learn the basics of Astral Psychokinesis and how you can change your life and the world through awakened consciousness

Meditation Length:  1.5 hours (30 min. talk & 60 min. guided astral induction)