Personal Empowerment Program:  Accessing the 5 Pillars of Success

What if we’ve had it all wrong? What if everything you’ve been taught is the very essence of why you cannot break through those barriers that have been holding you back all these years? What if I told you that I am going to walk you through a specific process to make it so easy to grab hold of your dreams and let them come alive in your life starting the first day of the class? Would you give it a try?

I was just like you, spinning my wheels and wondering where I was going wrong.  Just as I was on the cusp of a breakthrough, I would be thrown backwards once again.  At the brink of giving up I uncovered the true process to accessing the change I was striving for and synchronicities of success went above and beyond anything I could imagine and continue to do so. I am here to share it with you so you can too!

There is no “ONE THING” that brings the miracles into your life; it is a process of bringing many pieces into balance.  that is why other classes, other programs and the “thing that worked for someone else” isn’t working for you. It didn’t work for me either. All of these pieces and the tools to align them will be presented in my Personal Empowerment Program.  One on one guidance is also available with this program.

In the first class you will be equipped with the basic tools to start your journey.  In class 1, “Positioning Yourself for Success” you will become aware of and understand the layers of physical, mental and energetic positioning that will be the initial kickstarter to propel you forward. Understanding and recognizing the conscious and subconscious actions of yourself and others by recognition of subtle energies and body language will help you adapt and conquer the fears that tend to inhibit you.  Through awareness of how the mental and emotional bodies, the will and the soul all correlate, you will gain the insight that you need to bring your entire life into perfect balance. You will learn how to awaken your true potential and initiate the power of miracles in your life right away.

In class 2 we will work on the “Mindset for Success” – This may very well be the most important bundle of information you will ever receive. Understanding the forces that hold you back and learning exactly how to overcome them will be taught in a very specific sequence to ensure that you assimilate the information so you can flip the switch to achieve success.  We will talk about duality, reality and the psyche in a way that you may not have ever explored before, but will be sure to walk away with the weapon of mass destruction for your fears, inhibitions and negative patterns. You will be equipped to finally take control over your thoughts, beliefs, patterns and bring yourself into a state of balance that you thought unachievable.

Success starts with the mind and with the knowledge and techniques introduced in this class, you will hold the key to to distinguish between perceptions and projections, eradicate debilitating patterns, access the power of your subconscious, let go of limitations and take hold of your life!

After building the solid foundation with classes 1 & 2, the rest of the classes bring together the other pieces and will focus on “Successful Relationships”, Prosperity & Abundance”, and finally “YOU: A Health Savvy Success”.

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Third Eye Awakening Workshop

Have you always wanted to develop your 6th sense? Always wondered what it would be like to have visions, see angels, guides and tap into events of the future? Want to learn quick and easy techniques that really work and stimulate your third eye? Look no further…we have exactly what you’ve been waiting for! Some of the things you will learn in this workshop: * What is the pineal gland, it’s role and function in the body and it’s connection to seeing through to other dimensions. * What to avoid to keep a healthy pineal as well as how to start reversing the age and calcification that has been accumulating throughout your life. * How to balance the chakras in preparation for pineal activation (awakening your third eye and psychic senses). * Experience sound activation for the pineal * Multiple techniques to increase third eye stimulation and activation of your psychic senses. * How to access new levels of heightened awareness!


Have you ever wondered how some people can bend spoons, forks and other material objects? Would you like to learn how to do it and amaze yourself and your family and friends? Join us for a workshop and let us teach you how!Learn amazingly simple techniques that alter physical reality and allow you to easily bend that which was immovable before application of the techniques shown in this class! Spoonbending is more than just a “stunt”. It is about learning techniques that allow you to access the quantum field and energetically alter physical material substance. This shows how energy work can directly affect physical substance….the techniques used can be greatly effective in healing. Some have been used to move bones instantaneously into proper alignment! Several techniques will be presented and taught so each individual has the opportunity to connect with one or more techniques to resonate with and bend physical matter using energy.

Intro to Astral Psychokinesis with Astral Induction

Change Your World Through Awakened Consciousness

Learn the basics of Astral Psychokinesis and how you can change your life and the world through awakened consciousness ~ 30 min. talk 60 min. guided astral induction.

Abundance Meditation and Attunement

Are you looking to take your life to the next level, where happiness overwhelms you instead of the stresses of the mundane world?   Your thought patterns are the key to true manifestation. How you feel, process and focus on given situations in your life is the driving force to what you are attracting and allowing into your life right NOW. Would you like to shift those areas of attracting “sub-par” situations into manifesting your heart’s desires? By participating in this unique class, you will not only be taken through a guided meditation, but you will also receive an attunement to Abundance Frequencies that will align you with the positive flow of the Universe. You will learn simple, yet very powerful manifestation techniques so you can Awaken Your True Potential! *Release negative patterns and beliefs that inhibit you from realizing & utilizing your full manifestation abilities. *Experience deep cellular transformation to shift the frequency/vibration of body and mind, allowing effortless magnetization of true abundance. *Learn simple and potent techniques which empower you to manifest that which you desire quickly, sometimes instantaneously, and in a natural way.