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Are you ready to go from unworthy to unstoppable?

Then you have come to the right place.  Everything offered here incorporates positive transformation through empowerment.  Check out our events and services and see how you can be empowered to live your best life starting right now…

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The Alchemy of Transformation™ The Miracle of Manifestation Vision Boards  


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About Nicole

My name is Nicole Majik and I am an empowerment alchemist.  With my diverse background in Biology/Chemistry, Metaphysics and Finance, and my experience with NLP and CBT,  I have many skillsets that can be applied in a multitude of areas and circumstances.  I work with leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives who feel stuck in one or more area of life —those who feel discouraged yet know that there is more in this world for them than their current situation has to offer. 

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My Services


If you want total transformation, see which program is for you.  Learn More...

Aura Photography

Want to know what color your energy is and what it all means?  An aura photo and reading with Nicole is like no other.  Having seen energy and auras all her life Nicole's reading is unique and tailored to your individual situation.  Learn More...

EmPOWER Package

60 min. Intensive Session plus 30 min. Intuitive Awakening Session to identify blocks/root causes, map a strategy to heal, overcome and empower. Learn More...


Workshops for personal and spiritual development.  For workshops currently scheduled and their descriptions Click here.  For info on various workshops, Click Here.


Speaking Engagements

Nicole's talks are not lectures, but experiences in shifts that spark inspiration, healing, advanced leadership and action taking.  learn more



Nicole’s unique meditations are designed to be extremely effective to bring healing, balance, peace of mind, and tranquility to the soul.  Multilayered, they bring a shift into positive mindset, physical/mental/spiritual healing and a sense of purpose for the soul.  For the full list of meditations currently offered and their descriptions click here 

Intuitive Awakenings

Whether you are looking for divine guidance with your career, love life, personal growth and development, prosperity or any other area...choose a session with Nicole for Intuitive Awakenings to uncover the path that leads you in the right direction. 

My Programs

If you are looking for intensive guidance, effective techniques and total transformation...

Find out how you can start to transform your obstacles into opportunities in just 15 days

15 Days to a Confident You Even in the Face of Adversity will help you understand the various areas that sabotage you from achieving success in work, love, personal goals, health and wealth. This program is for YOU if you have tried and failed to achieve your best life and feel that every time you’ve progressed, something crops up that sends you backwards all over again. If you have done this once or many times, this program will help you kick start the transformation you’ve been waiting for in your life! I use a layered approach designed to tackle both the conscious and subconscious to propel you forward quicker and easier than you have ever imagined so that you never have to worry if you are “good enough” ever again. You will know it and show it and others will ask you what your secret is!.

What Nicole’s Clients are Saying

Katie Frey

”This program has changed my life! Nicole has helped me see I am worth more than I gave myself credit for.  I now have the steps to set healthy boundaries and move forward,  creating better habits and improving my mind and body.”

Amy Lee, LMT

“This mastery program is unlike any other chakra class I’ve taken. I found even after doing energy work and healing for almost 8 years, I had just scratched the surface! I learned so much!”

Kathryn Anne

“As a participant in the class, I can honestly say it was one of the most profoundly spiritual experiences of my life! Thank you.”

Amanda Ziemba

“Nicole’s fork bending class shows you how to navigate to your own limitless potential and tap into it at will. You will laugh, cry and heal with this amazingly talented woman in this class, and walk out knowing you can take on the world.”

Kelly Medeiros-Raposa

” Nicole’s program provided me with the tools and information necessary to succeed.  I was able to identify the key issues and negative thought patterns that stood in my way of success as well as making and sticking to an action plan.”

Upcoming Events

Aura Photography

Aura Photography

LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE! Come on in for some insight, empowerment and enlightenment. Learn how you can increase your energy, bring more balance and gain more insight into your own personal physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual states. It is a fun and...

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Aura Photography

Aura Photography

Come on in for some insight, empowerment and enlightenment. Learn how you can increase your energy, bring more balance and gain more insight into your own personal physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual states. It is a fun and exciting way to look deeper...

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Aura Photography

Aura Photography

Everything in existence has an aura. It is our energetic fingerprint that emanates from our being. Issues present themselves within the auric energy field before they manifest in the physical body, therefore rendering the aura photo very insightful pertaining to one’s...

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What Drives Me

“My intuition and divine guidance, as well as my ability to see auras since I was a very small child, allow me to perceive many levels of awareness for a person or situation. As a scientist and metaphysician, I love igniting interest, passion and curiosity in people and allowing them to awaken their true potential and divine purpose.”

Nicole’s Podcast Appearances

I love to appear as a guest on podcasts, and have discussed a range of subjects over the years, with dozens of amazing podcast hosts. Give my past shows a listen below, and reach out to discuss me appearing on your show!

michelle joy

Law of Attraction in Action with Michelle Joy

Surviving a Near Death Experience

revelation project

The Revelation Project with Monica Rodgers

The Alchemy of Transformation

Her Laundry Unfolded

Her Laundry Unfolded with Wendy Babcock

Her Laundry Unfolded with Nicole Majik (ep 9)