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Are you ready to transform your life?

My name is Nicole Majik and I am a transformational empowerment alchemist. With my diverse background in Biology/Chemistry, Metaphysics and Finance, I have many skillsets that can be applied in a multitude of areas and circumstances. I work with leaders, entrepreneurs, and holistic specialists who feel stuck in one or more area of life —those who feel discouraged yet know that there is more in this world for them than their current situation has to offer. 
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Sample Videos



This video gives an overview of who I am, what the chakra mastery program is all about and how it came to be. It explains what to expect and how you will gain balance and insight to yourself and others through gaining awareness and understanding your own energy centers and triggers.

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What is a Chakra?

What is a Chakra?

In this video, Nicole discusses what a chakra is and what makes up the chakra system. Find out what really governs our health and well-being and what must first occur in order to align yourself to a pure state of health. Find out the connection between epigenetics, the physical body, endocrine system, spinal cord and autonomic nervous system. What do you need to do to get to the root of an imbalance and how that affects other areas of the body/energy system. Kundalini and auras will also be touched upon.

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Benefits of The Alchemy of Transformation™ Membership Community

Be part of a growing community of kindred spirits who elevate and support each other in a safe environment devoid of judgment to achieve positive growth and rapid transformation Receive personalized guidance through life transformations, spiritual awakening, self discovery and self mastery Learn how science and spirituality come together to help you align with your fearless, authentic self, design your future and create a life you deserve without compromising who you are or what you love. WARNING:  Becoming a member of this community will change your life forever! This membership teaches you how to awaken your true potential, surrender to your soul purpose and walk in your divine true essence.  You may experience a multitude of side effects including (but not limited to):
  • Alignment with your true self
  • Spiritual awakening and enlightenment
  • Overwhelming love
  • Increased energy
  • Deep sense of peace, calm, clarity and focus
  • Connection with yourself, others and the Universe
  • Increased intuition
  • Instant manifestation
  • Miracles
  • Healing
  • Living a life you love

Or save more with an annual membership for the most generous benefits: Get  12 months for the cost of 10!

Reviews from Nicole’s Programs

Katie Frey

”This program has changed my life! Nicole has helped me see I am worth more than I gave myself credit for.  I now have the steps to set healthy boundaries and move forward,  creating better habits and improving my mind and body.”

Amy Lee, LMT

“This mastery program is unlike any other chakra class I’ve taken. I found even after doing energy work and healing for almost 8 years, I had just scratched the surface! I learned so much!”

Kathryn Anne

“As a participant in the class, I can honestly say it was one of the most profoundly spiritual experiences of my life! Thank you.”

Amanda Ziemba

“Nicole’s fork bending class shows you how to navigate to your own limitless potential and tap into it at will. You will laugh, cry and heal with this amazingly talented woman in this class, and walk out knowing you can take on the world.”

Kelly Medeiros-Raposa

” Nicole’s program provided me with the tools and information necessary to succeed.  I was able to identify the key issues and negative thought patterns that stood in my way of success as well as making and sticking to an action plan.”