Do Not Succumb to Obligation

I saw a picture the other day saying “Do it from the heart or not at all”. It reminded me about the vow I made to myself that started my transformational journey of living my life–fearlessly. This quote carries the same message as one of the top rules that I now teach people about. It seems so simple, but can be one of the most difficult habits to break:  saying yes.

Sometimes we say yes because we don’t want to let someone else down. Perhaps we do it because we don’t want them to think poorly of us and other times we are trying to avoid confrontation and retaliation. Why do we feel we “owe” someone something and have to put our own lives on the back burner? We feel OBLIGATED.

My rule is this: If you feel obligated to do anything, always say no. (Or as the saying in this picture: Do it from the heart or not at all). Why? The feeling of obligation is a fear based emotional response and acting out of fear only propagates negative energy. This is why we end up procrastinating, feeling drained, losing motivation and a whole bunch of other negative energies that we have to battle with each and every day until that obligation is filled. Is this how we want to live our lives? NO! So why do we do it?! We do it because we don’t know how to break through. This is one of my interwoven missions…to help people equip themselves with easy to remember, easy to use TOOLS for tapping into your personal power and living your life fearlessly.

Survival is only meant to be a temporary state in which you get through a difficult time…LIVING is meant to be experienced by the individual on a personal level. It’s time to stop surviving and start living life! If you feel stuck in obligations, fear and feeling as though you haven’t tapped into your personal magic, contact me for a free 20 min. consultation to show you what your first steps can be to living your life fearlessly and authentically.

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life”

Wayne Dyer