Stress Tips for Moms

Being a mother will likely be one of the most difficult things you have ever done, but on the other hand, it will be one of the most rewarding jobs of your life.  As a mother, you often forget to take care of yourself because you’re caught up in the madness that is life.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home mom or you work outside the home, being a mother is stressful!  Luckily, there are some great strategies to help you deal with mom stress.

Get the kids on a schedule.  The best thing that every mother can do for herself is to get her kids on a schedule and keep them on it.  When you try to stick to a routine you’ll feel more comfortable handling breakfasts, lunches, naps, and bed times.  When you don’t have a schedule, you may begin to feel scattered or disorganized and your stress levels will increase exponentially!  Things are always unpredictable when kids are involved, but when you have even the simplest structure, your days will be a little more predictable and you’ll save your sanity!

stress tips for momsDon’t be afraid to put yourself in time out.  Many mothers feel like they just have to keep pushing forward when they are about to come unglued.  Moms get stressed and often need to take a breather, just like kids!  Instead of continuing to push forward when you are about to snap, walk into another room and just breathe deeply for a few minutes.  While you are breathing, first remind yourself that you are human and are allowed to feel whatever emotions you may be feeling at the moment.  Picture how you would like to respond to the situation and then when you are ready, follow through in a calm manner. You are a role model for your children and they process all of your energy, body language and actions/inactions at a rapid rate at a subconscious level.  Becoming aware of your personal triggers and allowing yourself the time to understand them and work through them is important for not only your children, but for you.  A minute or two in “time out” can make for a great day for the whole family!  

stress tips for momsEat healthy. If you ask 100 moms what their diets are like, at least 85 of them will look at you and cringe.  Unfortunately, there’s a tendency to just eat what you can, when you can.  Even if you are on the go you need to make a conscious effort to eat well.  When you eat nutritious foods, you are providing your body with the energy it needs to keep up with your kids and cope with the stress you encounter every day.  Keeping a journal of what you eat and how foods make you feel can be very enlightening and aid in designing your own personal dietary plan.

stress tips for momsCreate a support system. Teaming up with other moms makes a great support system.  Even if you can’t get together every couple weeks, it is nice to know that you have someone you can call who won’t question your abilities but will just listen and empathize.  All mothers feel the stress that comes with the job, so make sure to surround yourself with other moms that will be happy to listen to you when you need a shoulder to lean on; and be sure to return the favor!  Venting is good, just don’t get trapped in a whirlwind of negative talk.  Be sure to keep each other elevated in the process. You should both come out of the conversation feeling supported, empowered and positively motivated.

stress tips for momsMake time for yourself.  As a mom, you may forget that you’re important too! This is why you need to make time for yourself every day.  You may think that there is no time, but there is if you get help or if you sneak in some relaxation after the kids go to bed or before they get up.  Give yourself a manicure or pedicure, drink that cup of tea slowly, read a book, take a long bath, or get a massage.  Your relaxation time doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it needs to be there.  Even 15 minutes every day can make all the difference!  Here’s a link to a meditation of mine called the Chakra Light-burst Meditation from my “Fork This, Bend That!” Video.  It helps to bring your chakras into balance while instilling a sense of peace and calm throughout your body.