Teacher and Student: One in the Same

I want to share something that I wrote 3 years ago on Sept 5, 2014.  The reason for sharing this is that synchronicity has brought this up again for me to share and serve as a reminder for others who are in the space to accept this in their own lives now.  If you find this piece helpful, please feel free to leave a comment.  Enjoy…

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Most think that this means a teacher will come to you when you are ready to learn. As I meditated upon this old saying, I finally realized that it doesn’t mean that at all!  I truly understand now that when the student appears and is ready, YOUR inner teacher emerges and rises to the calling…what you are meant to do in that situation. As you step forward you also realize and show yourself that you are more than you think. At the same time, you are both teacher and student in a different level and can mentor the person that has come before you with patience, kindness and compassion, knowing that neither is greater than the other, only two pieces to a whole, realizing a different oneness within and about each other.
Let us take this knowledge forth and walk with each other, teacher and student…..one in the same, each into the other..