Have you ever really sat down and thought about who you ARE? There are so many labels you can apply to who you and others think you are…but do you really know? Many times we don’t even know who we are until we are put to the stress tests that life throws at us and then we discover things that we either like or dislike about ourselves. Sometimes it can be shocking how we react in a certain situation. Sometimes how we react can spark the inner question, “WHO WAS THAT??!!” Have you ever thought that after reacting in a way that you never thought you would? We all have at some point in our lives. The deeper question to that is Who do you want to become?

I grew up in a household with very different beliefs than I had innately. I could see auras, feel energy and see and hear spirits all my life. My gifts instilled a truth of life and death that no single person could ever explain or describe to me to the degree in which I just have a sense of knowing, which has never proven to be wrong so far.

Even with this knowing and certain level of awareness I had, I was still submerged in an environment that did not support my growth in my gifts, but quite the opposite. I became withdrawn to sharing my thoughts and feelings because they were not in alignment with the family belief system. I was an outcast in my own “tribe…this promotes a sense of distrust in those you should trust the most. When you are told who and what you should be or you will not gain approval, you lose your sense of self. You become unsure of who you are because who you are is not acceptable. This is a pattern that propagates into every area of your life if it is not changed!

I really came to terms with the discord in my life around the age of 12. I was shy and afraid to be wrong. I was that kid in class who even when I KNEW the answer I questioned myself and thought, “Well, what if I only THINK I’m right and I’m wrong?” as a slight panic sets in. I was sick of feeling that way. I was always in advanced learning groups and educational programs for top academic performers, but I constantly questioned my smarts. Why? I was brought up that way. Not maliciously by any means, but it is the programming from others that was instilled. My father is a very smart man and valued high grades. I once came home with a 98 on an exam thinking that Dad would be so proud since it was in a subject that I didn’t really like or do as well as others in. I was torn apart when his response was “How come it’s not a 100?” I lashed out and said, “Because I spelled my name wrong!” and stormed away. I’m sure he didn’t mean to make me feel that way and was probably trying to be funny or push me a little further to do better, but that didn’t really work for me in that situation and it stuck with me for a very long time until I realized the fractal effect that it had on me, my behaviors, my emotions and even my physical body

Our lives are riddled with these patterns and behaviors of others (also known scientifically as epigenetics) that we’ve learned. Just as we can learn very positive and growth promoting behaviors and values which support our own personal development, on the flipside, these are the things that can subconsciously shape us into that which we are not!

So back to my question: Who are YOU? When we strip off all labels, I think that we all are a unique expression of the essence of love. We all want the same things:

  • To be accepted for who we truly are
  • To feel safe, supported and present
  • To love and be loved
  • To trust and be trusted
  • To be balanced and healthy in body, mind and spirit
  • To be respected, honored and appreciated
  • To feel deserving and worthy of all that is good
  • To live in abundance and in alignment with our core being

My own tumultuous journey has brought me many times to my knees, humbled and stripped down to my core. I have experienced multiple near death incidents including a battle for my life after mercury poisoning rocked my world. I have witnessed things unfathomable to a purely rational mind. I’ve been through imbalance to find the process to become balanced, free and me once again so that I live my life with confidence in who I am, create my life as I wish it to be and always love who I become.

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